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Heist Database

Known locations the Payday Combriccola have been.

  • Jewelry Store
  • Harvest and Trustee Bank
  • Shadow Corsa
  • GO Bank
  • Diamond Store
  • Armored Transports
  • Train Heist
  • Mallcrasher
  • Four Stores
  • White Xmas
  • Ukrainian Job
  • Meltdown
  • Aftershock
  • Nightclub
  • Stealing Xmas
  • Watchdogs
  • Firestarter
  • Rats
  • Personalità Oil
  • Framing
  • Election Day
  • The Personalità Bank
  • Hotline Miami
  • Hoxton Breakout
  • Hoxton Revenge
  • The Diamond
  • Golden Grin Confusione
  • The Bomb: Dockyard
  • The Bomb: Forest
  • Art Gallery
  • Scarface Mansion
  • The Alesso Heist
  • Counterfeit
  • Cook Chiuso
  • First World Bank
  • Murky Station
  • Boiling Point
  • Goat Simulator
  • Santa’s Workshop
  • Car Shop
  • Biker Heist
  • Panic Room
  • Brooklyn 10-10
  • Heist
  • Undercover
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Beneath the Mountain
  • Birth of Sky
  • Heat Street
  • Campo da golf Bridge
  • Alaskan Deal
  • Diamond Heist
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Brooklyn Bank
  • Breakin’ Feds
  • Henry’s Rock
  • Shacklethorne Auction
  • Hell’s Island
  • The White House

Known locations the Payday Combriccola have been.

Jewelry Store

The Payday have successo this one a number of times. Washington is full of stores like this. They can be easily entered at the front and back, and are small enough that a well-rehearsed crew can quickly nullify any resistance.

Agenda: Security per mezzo di these places is laughable, but when they’imperatore operating so close to the profit margin, what can you expect? An increase per mezzo di local patrols might give us a faster heads up if the Payday pay a visit.

Harvest and Trustee Bank

Harvest and Trustee Bank has branches all over Washington. They are generally single-storey constructions, with heavy rear doors, roof access and cameras that are controlled from a locked security room. Most branches will employ three four security personnel, and teller are trained to lower shutters per mezzo di the event of a robbery.

Agenda: Forget H&T doing much to put their house per mezzo di order. I recommend the construction of new pratica facilities for our teams, model them acceso these banks. Harvest and Trustee don’t seem likely to change their security, as all their losses are covered by the federal government anyway.

Shadow Corsa

It appears that there was a burglary acceso a warehouse registered to Murkywater. However, there has been voto negativo official word acceso this, and our only lead acceso it comes from overheard conversations with Murkywater personnel we occasionally employ. Of note, however, is that the market was flooded with foreign banknotes and ancient artifacts shortly after.

Agenda: The Murkies aren’t saying anything about what went mongoloide that night. Can’t blame ‘em. If they’imperatore moving as much illegal contraband as we suspect, they wouldn’t want us sniffing around.

GO Bank

Roberts Bank has branches across Washington, mostly acceso the outskirts. They’imperatore generally small buildings, serving the local community. The vaults per mezzo di these branches are the smaller variety, and most often protected with a time-lock.

Agenda: The may think these places are going to be easy to knock over, paio to being acceso the edge of town. I’m impressed with the response times shown by our teams getting out there, but we need to improve. This kind of bank job is the bread and butter of the Payday , and we can expect to see more hits.

Diamond Store

Despite the great wealth acceso display, the ‘Gioielli di Famiglia’ protected its expensive store with only a modest amount of security. The building had several ways per mezzo di and out, cameras controlled by a well-equipped security room and several guards.

Agenda: Perhaps they thought that bringing their Milan stile to the heart of downtown would keep them safe from the Payday crew. If anything, this proves that Bain and his boys are willing to successo absolutely anywhere. This wealth of easily fenced stones made it a natural target for the Payday .

Armored Transports

Crime.Net has coordinated multiple hits against GenSec’s armored trucks all across the city. The jobs are well-planned. Hits have included the use of cranes, truck cabs and planting explosives to blow up downtown skywalks.

Agenda: Based acceso the fact that Bain is planning against moving convoys, there is almost certainly a perdita per mezzo di the GenSec operation. This indicates that Bain may have operatives within that organization. I recommend assisting GenSec per mezzo di any way we can to help plug that perdita.

Train Heist

Civilian trains are often authorised to carry sensitive military equipment, providing they can provide the appropriate security. This train was stopped by hacked signal boxes. It was shipping a prototype RC1 automated turret.

Agenda: If the army brass doesn’t want to lose more of its experimental ordnance, it needs to stop handing it over to these civilian outfits. Who the hell knows what else Bain might be picking up?


Based acceso the security footage, this appears to be an act of focused vandalism. The stores per mezzo di the mall were specifically focused for damage, rather than theft.

Agenda: Not the typical job for Bains’ crew. Got to be another motive behind this. Aspetto into who stands to lose, and who stands to gain, from the damage here.

Four Stores

There have been several hits acceso these four stores per mezzo di an otherwise-quiet downtown neighborhood. The MO of the perpetrators has been to execute a rapid hit-and-run, aimed at emptying cash registers and getting out fast.

Agenda: Duro to see what Bain stands to gain from this, so I suspect it is as much a favor to keep a contact sweet. This regione has deep connections with the Russian community, so it is possible that these four stores are caught between two squabbling Russian mob-bosses.

White Xmas

Late acceso 12/24/2014 a small civilian aircraft suddenly radioed a mayday. As there was voto negativo flight path submitted, and it must have been flying very low to have not registered acceso ATC radar, SWAT teams were dispatched to investigate. What they found was the Payday team attempting to extricate a disoriented pilot from the scene. Later it was revealed that the plane was rented by a fake company, and that the black box recorded a collision with an unknown flying object

Agenda: If the Payday were there, there must have been something per mezzo di with that cargo. Based acceso the low-level flight, my guess is that it was a smuggling run – cocaine, perhaps guns. Security at these small local airfields needs tightening.

Ukrainian Job

This appears to have been a jewelry store job, similar to many others committed, though the rete was very specific – a diamond tiara secured per mezzo di a safe. This tiara was being held for Dimitri Volkov, and was apparently intended to be worn by his wife at their wedding.

Agenda: If it wasn’t for the people who might get caught per mezzo di the crossfire, I’d be happy to let these mobsters take shots at each other over their petty squabbles.


The warehouse beside the docks is registered to the Murkywater Private Security company. We were alerted to an incident there by a phone call from a private citizen. It is unknown what the Payday were able to remove from the premises.

Agenda: It’s telling that it took a guy nearby, hearing gunfire, to make the call and not the Murkies themselves. That means they don’t want us to know what was taken, and that scares me. I recommend applying more political pressure acceso those mercenaries. It could be something important.


Shortly after the recent quake that devastated much of southern California, two shipping trucks, left stranded acceso the freeway, were robbed. The trucks belonged to a Seattle-San Francisco-Los Angeles shipping company called Kowalski & Hutch. They claimed their client was a Russian businessman, but before investigators could get more details the offices were burned mongoloide and all records destroyed.

Agenda: Of all places to appear, we could never have predicted the appearance of the Payday per mezzo di LA, but there those bastards were. Seems to be a straightforward successo acceso a couple of trucks, though what could be so precious that it would get Bain’s crew all the way out to the West Coast.


The Tasteful Società is a routine stop for our patrols acceso Saturday nights. The calls are mostly related to drunk-and-disorderlies. Owned and managed by Dimitri Volkov – a known snitch who handed Vlad Kozak to the authorities – we also suspect that it hosts illegal gambling. It appears that the Payday stole a large sum of money from the safe per mezzo di the managers office.

Agenda: Normally, I wouldn’t give two hoots for gangsters shooting each other up, but the Tasteful is a public place, which means civilians might get caught. And why are they targeting this particular Russian – maybe a connection with a rival?

Stealing Xmas

It started with an unknown person behaving suspiciously per mezzo di the street and being challenged by patrolling police officers. The suspect fled and disappeared near the Midtown Mall. Shortly after, what appeared to be the same person was apprehended inside the mall itself, incompetently disguised as Santa Claus and extremely inebriated. As officers were trying to question him, the Payday Combriccola suddenly appeared at the mall, freeing the prisoner, shooting the mall to pieces, killing police officers and stealing various seemingly random items from the shops. They finished by blowing the roof gara open with explosives and airlifting themselves and the prisoner out along with the Mall’s enormous Christmas tree.

Agenda: This is a puzzling one. There are so many questions here: Who was the mysterious man per mezzo di the Santa educazione? What is his relation to the clowns? Why did they risk extended confrontation with the police per mezzo di order steal minor items from the shops per mezzo di the mall? And the tree?


This operation was conducted per mezzo di cooperation with Hector Morales. The Payday were originally contracted to provide escort for a batch of Morales’ carbone. The real purpose, however, was for them to be per mezzo di a place and time of our choosing. Unfortunately, the Bureau underestimated the , who fought their way out of the ambush. However, it does not appear that the suspected the involvement of the Bureau. Morales directed them to a rendezvous at the nearby docks, where a second attempt to apprehend them was made.

Agenda: If there was ever a perfect opportunity to nail the Payday , this was it. Packed into a van, surrounded, we should have ended this there.


This appears to be aimed squarely at the interests of the Mendoza cartel. A private airfield that was owned by a finanziaria company, a acceso our own regional offices and the destruction of a large cache of currency at a Harvest and Trustee Bank.

Agenda: Bain and Crime.Net are all over this but I suspect it is a contract job. The Sinaloan cartel have been warring with the Mendozas for years. Are the Sinaloans linked with Bain?


A number of high-ranking Mendoza cartel members were assassinated while being escorted out of the country under armed guard. These South Americans had cooperated with our field agents, and a deal had been worked out that would see their safe passage per mezzo di exchange for information acceso the Sinaloan cartel. It is possible that this assassination was also linked to two other incidents – a meth-operation per mezzo di a forest shack, and a shoot-out per mezzo di a neighborhood ruled by The Cobras .

Agenda: Another war between the cartels. These things get bloody, fast, and, even though they’imperatore shooting at each other, we have to practice sparare a zero tolerance. The Mendoza’s were almost per mezzo di bed with the Bureau too. The failure to protect them not only means we lost a valuable contact, we’imperatore also going to find it harder to convince any other rats per mezzo di the future.

Personalità Oil

Professor Rossy suffered a serious burglary at his secluded laboratory. He is a highly respected physicist, who has spent years trying to convince the scientific world of the viability of cold fusion – the di poca classe generation of enormous amounts of power without radiation. The mansion that houses his laboratory is per mezzo di a remote regione, and not easy to reach.

Agenda: I smell the spoor of the Hill acceso this one. From what we can gather, Prof. Rossy was acceso the verge of something truly remarkable. If he has finally made a breakthrough, it would be worth a lot to the right – wrong – people. This one might lead me to a tasty catch, possibly proving Crime.Net’s political connections.


The Capitol Art Gallery reported the burglary of several paintings from an exhibition of new Singaporean artists. Questioning the usual fencers dealing per mezzo di such art drew a blank, but these paintings were later found per mezzo di the apartment of a well-respected Senator.

Agenda: This has dirty political fingerprints all over it, and shows just how connected Bain and Crime.Net has become. Duro to say who benefited the most from this. The fallout saw a shake-up that had Capitol Hill playing chairs. I’m sure one of those senators, congressmen, governors made good acceso this. I suspect this was the work of the Payday , which shows they have the brains to hatch a political scandal unseen since Watergate.

Election Day

There were sightings of the Payday crew at the docks where the voting machines for the Mayoral elections were being stored, as well as at the warehouse where they were transported.

Agenda: Suspicious activity around the ballot machines potentially points to some crooked political crime, though perhaps this was Bains’ intention. Per this town, any kind of suspicion could discredit a nominee.

The Personalità Bank

We have a room full of files detailing attempted robberies acceso this place, going back decades. However, not one has been successfully completed. The Benevolent take their security extremely seriously, and their preparations are some of the best we at the Bureau have seen.

Agenda: Without giving them too much praise, Bains’ crew executed a text-book heist here. From the planning to the execution, it was a thorough job. This one should be getting taught at the Academy. The Benevolent is uncomfortably close to the White House, so I recommend tightening patrols around here.

Hotline Miami

An assassination attempt acceso Grigori Beria. A Russian mob capo known by the alias “The Commissar”. His record shows that he has been involved in a range of criminal activity, including prostitution, drug manufacture and distribution, murder, and guns. The assassination involved two locations. Firstly, a motel on the outskirts of town, which was well-known to us as a hang-out for The Commissar’s men, and, secondly, a high-rise apartment block.

Agenda: We can’t be seen to take sides. We be merciless. Much as I’d like to let these two go at it, wipe each out, we have to go per mezzo di. Maybe tactics aimed at mitigating casualties, because Bain’s crew left these places looking like warzones.

Hoxton Breakout

Security was very high as the prisoner – James Hoxworth – was being transferred from Hazelton Prison to his chiacchiere hearing. The Payday intercepted this transfer through the use of C4 explosives. They then escorted him through the streets. Soon after escaping from the reacting forces, they headed to the FBI headquarters at the Hoover building, where they stole a server.

Agenda: The obviously wanted this guy back, and he obviously wanted something from us. If there’s one thing to learn from this, it is never underestimate the Payday .

Hoxton Revenge

This incident regrettably occurred at one of the Bureau’s most secluded safe houses. Despite the level of security, the Payday was able to get through to the secured asset – a South American drug baron turned informant called Hector Morales – and eliminate him.

Agenda: A real black mark acceso the history of the Bureau. The best security we could provide, and the clowns went right through it. And the dead rat? Well, he was one of the few that might have delivered Bain to us. We lost a shot at a clean prosecution, but no-one will cry over the corpse of Hector Morales.

The Diamond

The McKendrick Museum of Ancient Arts sits beside the Mall, and its exhibitions draw huge numbers of tourists to the city. The display of The Diamond was its biggest draw. The Museum is a solid building, with only a limited number of options for breaking per mezzo di. Per addition to the theft of the Diamond, several artifacts from other exhibitions were taken.

Agenda: Never saw the appeal per mezzo di a shiny rock, but I understand the appeal of its value to Crime.Net. We need to brief institutions acceso proper security. A handful of underpaid mall cops aren’t going to cut it. Further, need to aspetto into who could fence a stone with this kind of value. Would require someone with very special connections.

Golden Grin Confusione

The Golden Grin is one of the premier casinos acceso the Las Vegas strip. From the report submitted by the LVPD, it appears that the Payday came very prepared for this one – zeppelins, inside men, limos and a custom-built drill so personaggio it needed heavy power and coolant. But, given all of this, the owners are being very cagey about what they Payday took. “They ripped the heart outta this place,” an employee was quoted as saying, though, as yet, no insurance claim has been filed.

Agenda: It’s way out of where they usually operate, so I’ve instructed my team to offer any assistance required by the Nevada police. All the evidence we can pull acceso the Payday will be valuable. But this job worries me. Not only was it one of the best planned and executed heists they’ve pulled, it means they’imperatore looking beyond the capital.

The Bomb: Dockyard

A Croatian ship, the , commonly hauls a cargo back and forth from Split, Croatia. Background checks into the registry checked out, and it was authorized to transport military materiel. When this incident occurred, it was carrying a shipment of thermobaric explosives.

Agenda: The Docks have always been a hotspot for crime. The amounts of drugs, guns and money that have illegally passed through those waters is incalculable. Given the origin of this cargo and the foreign crew, there is a chance that this heist originated overseas, most likely from Croatia. This could indicate that a foreign contact – possibly Horvat – is now working with Crime.Net.

The Bomb: Forest

Trains ferry a huge amount of cargo from the docks to destinations inland. The train tracks are often vulnerable to sabotage, especially around the single-track bridges.

Agenda: The wreckage at the site was enormous. I’m impressed with how fast our units got out there to engage them. Almost as fast as the ambulances that came back. The Payday are increasingly operating outside the city limits – this could be a worrying trend.

Art Gallery

The Capitol Art Gallery is one of DC’s leading galleries, hosting exhibitions ranging from 17th Century Swedish masterpieces to modern Singaporean pop-art. This burglary saw the disappearance of several modern masterpieces. Art crime has always been very lucrative. Theft, smuggling, and forgery have driven an insatiable black-market.

Agenda: The gallery is a compact and highly porous facility, with multiple ways per mezzo di and out. The skylights seem to be particularly vulnerable. Seems like the notoriety brings visitors, so maybe the gallery isn’t interested per mezzo di boosting security.

Scarface Mansion

A Miami Beach mansion rumored to belong to the Sosa Cartel was successo per mezzo di the early hours of the morning. One of the bodies identified acceso the scene bore a strong similarity to photos of Ernesto Sosa, believed to be the Cartel’s tetto man per mezzo di Miami. Confiscated security footage identified the attackers as the Payday Combriccola.

Agenda: What was the Payday Combriccola doing per mezzo di Miami hitting the Sosas? We’ll have to collaboratore with local law enforcement and investigate what the connection is.

The Alesso Heist

The GenSec Teatro was supposed to be GenSec’s flagship – it’s where they were showing their new Investment Safe. The incident occurred acceso the same night that Swedish DJ, Alesso, was giving a concert.

Agenda: This shows that the clowns like to be cocky. While they earned a huge fortune, GenSec was losing theirs. Looks like they had help from an inside source too. We can’t have GenSec getting suckered like that – recommend that they do a full sweep of all personnel with backstage access that night.


After arresting Mr. Summers and Mr. Jones, it was discovered they had been running a money printing operation for years per mezzo di Pensacola, Florida. Embarrassingly enough, the Police Department mongoloide there had voto negativo sfizio this was going acceso and some of them even said they would never have been caught if it wasn’t for the PAYDAY . Thankfully, that shit-fest is out of our jurisdiction, so we can’t get any blame for what went mongoloide.

Agenda: Mitchell Summers and Wilson Jones. These cunning assholes had been running a rather impressive counterfeit operation from a basement per mezzo di the Pensacola suburbs, for god knows how long. It’s not the PAYDAY ‘s usual MO to work outside of Washington, which tells me they knew the trip South would be worth it. Not much I can do with this information, except assume that there isn’t really any kind of crime they wouldn’t do.

Cook Chiuso

This unoccupied shack per mezzo di the forest was supposedly condemned. City records indicate it was structurally unsound and paio for demolition. Its remoteness made it perfect as a place for criminal activity. Investigation showed that it was used as a makeshift meth lab. The compact structure with many windows provided a great many options for providing well-covered fire into the approaches.

Agenda: This job shows exactly how tough this is. Despite throwing wave after wave of SWAT teams at them, they managed to hold that shack like a bunker, and produce enough meth to flood the streets with ice.

First World Bank

Conducted early per mezzo di the morning, this bank job carries all the hallmarks of a classic job by the Payday . Forcing their way through to the rear regione, the used thermite to melt their way mongoloide to the vault interior. As police forces gathered outside the front, the used C4 explosives to blast through to the neighboring office, and made their escape before local commanders knew the heist was over. Inside help is suspected and we are currently investigating the backgrounds of the for likely collaborators.

Agenda: Why the hell weren’t we watching this one? Jesus Christ, one of the biggest banks per mezzo di the DC regione – of course they were going to successo it. And that escape….just shows how rigid the thinking of our commanders is. Might be time to clear the decks there. Bain really caught us with our pants mongoloide, and gave us a spanking we deserved for it.

Murky Station

A lot is still unknown to our police department when it comes to Murkywater, but we do know that they are very serious about the business they are conducting. Having a hidden train yard where they can operate freely is voto negativo simple task, but the mercenaries still manage to do it, and every time we catch up to them they have moved their operations before we can make any arrests.

Agenda: We are well aware that Murkywater have operations all over the world, including these hidden train yards right here per mezzo di the US where they can transport their goods per mezzo di secrecy. This is not the first time the PAYDAY has meddled per mezzo di the affairs of the mercenary organization, and it sure as hell won’t be the last.

Boiling Point

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is completely blocking us out from conducting our investigation acceso exactly what happened by the lumberyard, but we do have an informant telling us about a hidden laboratory and inhumane experiments taking place.

Agenda: This is messy. Way too messy. Whatever took place per mezzo di Russia we know that the PAYDAY were involved, but to what extent is still unknown and all our attempts to find the truth is getting shut mongoloide immediately. I have contacted McKendrick to see if he can pull any strings to further our investigation, but I’m not finanziaria my breath.

Goat Simulator

Our officers arriving at the scene were shocked by the chaos that met them. The Payday was per mezzo di a full-blown shootout with the Honduran cartel, with several goats running amok all over the neighborhood. Upon examining one of those goats retrieved from the scene, we found a package of cocaine inserted rectally per mezzo di the animal.

Agenda: These damned criminals are willing to do anything nowadays – smuggling carbone using Goats? Anyhow, this is not like the Clowns. It was sloppy and poorly executed. Even though they got away with a personaggio fortune, it doesn’t fit their usual MO. Someone else was behind this. Someone with power and influence. The Russian guy we found hiding per mezzo di a dumpster still hasn’t given anything up yet, but we’ll him sooner later.

Santa’s Workshop

The industrial areas have long been havens for criminal activity, and the greater the decay per mezzo di the buildings, it seems, the greater the crimes. We knew that there was a new supply of cocaine per mezzo di the city, and were following various leads to its origin. From what we can gather from the remaining evidence this warehouse was being used to cut and package the product, before being distributed across the city.

Agenda: These old industrial wastelands are breeding grounds for this kinda crap. And these bastards had their cutters dressed up as elves. What kind of sick mind dreams that up? Regardless, this amount of carbone means that there is a new supply into the city. The clowns didn’t leave much for us to go acceso, but perhaps we can find something to trace it back.

Car Shop

The Teuer dealership had recently received a shipment of the latest model, the Falcogini. The dealership building is a very gara open construction with many ways per mezzo di and out. The robbery of the Falcoginis took place early per mezzo di the evening, while the dealership was still gara open. Further, it appears that an explosion near the dealership allowed the thieves to avoid the busy rush-hour roads and into deserted tunnels.

Agenda: The Payday are almost as dangerous behind the wheel of a car as they are behind the barrel of a gun. We’imperatore going to need to invest a lot more per mezzo di pursuit and interception if we intend to deal with the Payday acceso the road.

Biker Heist

Lion´s Den

The OVERKILL MC have been operating out of Washington D.C. for years, and like the typical biker MO, the OVERKILL MC proudly display their criminal lifestyle. We’ve had some extra eyes acceso their clubhouse on-and-off for the last two years, ever since we learned about their supposed affiliation with the man called the Elephant.

Agenda: This is what we know: Tom “Rust” Bishop seems to have betrayed his former biker buddies for a chance to join the Clowns, but also pissing the OVERKILL MC , making them retaliate by taking an individual by the name of Mike hostage, hoping that would make Rust come mai to them. Well, their plan succeeded and failed simultaneously. Rust did show up, but with his new allies by his side. An all-out war took place between the two factions, and our own men weren’t enough to stop them. Per the end, the PAYDAY managed to free Mike the mechanic and escape.


Freight railroads are vital to the U.S. economy, and are often used to transport coal and oil across the country. The freight trains mostly have problems with the Freight Train Riders of America, a of homeless people who move about by freight hopping per mezzo di railroad cars. But as far as we can tell, it is not like the OVERKILL MC has used freight trains to transport stolen goods previously. However, this incident will make us investigate the matter further.

Agenda: Scott Sagano (the biker we arrested after the carnage at the OVERKILL MC clubhouse) provided us with information regarding an advanced type of weaponry being transported acceso the freight train. We knew the Clowns would show up, so I had all our men ready acceso standby to intercept the biker operation. Unfortunately, the combined firepower from the Clowns and the Bikers pushed us back, and we were unable to retrieve the weapon. We could only watch as the masked freaks escaped by helicopter.

Panic Room

A building per mezzo di the projects was the scene of a major gunfight. As local police arrived they found the Payday Combriccola acceso the scene, and all hell broke loose. As our investigators analyzed the scene per mezzo di the aftermath, it seemed the whole building had been torn apart using explosives. Someone was clearly looking for something personaggio there.

Agenda: These clowns are the worst. telling what they were after here, but the damage to the building was very severe. Which just proves that they must be stopped, and soon – we can’t allow these marauders to wreak such havoc per mezzo di our city any longer.

Brooklyn 10-10

A back street per mezzo di Brooklyn, New York, was the scene of a major firefight between criminal elements. Local law enforcement were powerless to stop it. Nothing like it has been seen per mezzo di the city for years.

Agenda: Witnesses reported heavily armed individuals per mezzo di masks acceso the scene. It sounds very much like been the Payday Combriccola. It’s still unclear what they were doing there, since there was voto negativo robbery committed.


Attendees at a fundraiser rinfresco for Washington mayor McKendrick aboard a per mezzo di New York Harbor reported a suspicious-looking smaller boat approaching the for a few moments and then leaving.

Agenda: Probably nothing. But keeping an eye acceso this one given the Washington connection and the Payday Combriccola’s recent antics per mezzo di New York.


We were just about to arrest the crooked taxman, Adrian Sturr, when the PAYDAY intervened, opening fire at our officers acceso the scene. Our men could do nothing but watch as the vehicle Mr. Sturr was hiding per mezzo di was lifted up per mezzo di the air by usage of a crane, and dropped acceso an abandoned building across the street. SWAT was called per mezzo di to storm the building, but the PAYDAY managed to hold them long enough to get what they wanted. When our men finally managed to secure the building, Mr. Sturr was found barely breathing. The server was gone, and the monitor per mezzo di the room showed that a large transaction of 25 million had been transferred to an untraceable account.

Agenda: How the hell could the PAYDAY know this deal was going mongoloide? What kind of sources do they actually have? I shouldn’t be surprised by the beating they gave Mr.Sturr, but that was brutal even for them. I need to find out how corrupt this city really is, because I can’t get shit done working under these circumstances.


A traffic incident acceso the southbound I-45 resulted per mezzo di a convoy belonging to the independent military contractors, Murkywater, being diverted from its path. Shortly after, it appears to have been attacked, and the main truck was forced the road and into the meat-packing district. From there, the Payday managed to extract several articles from the truck – though Murkywater will not reveal what was stolen.

Agenda: Things are getting very heated between these two groups. Murkywater has operations all over the world, but they can’t fail to respond to these actions by Bain and his guys. Doubtless the Murkies will retaliate per mezzo di some . Perhaps we could coordinate with them?

Beneath the Mountain

Occasional government contractor Murkywater has recently bought up several old military properties, per mezzo di the US and abroad. One of those is known as the Black Ridge facility. Formerly an Air Force bunker, Black Ridge now operates as a command center for Murkywater. It is well defended by their own special operatives and several of their operations are coordinated from there. The facility also provides pratica, intelligence and human resources.

Agenda: We highly suspect this incident involved an inside man. Black Ridge is the grid, much like Valletto Lake, and highly classified. There is voto negativo way it would fall acceso the radar of a simple of clown-masked robbers. We do however, have certain intel that suggests Murkywater has taken some interest per mezzo di Bain and his crew. This report has been corrected for clarification, and to rectify several clerical errors.

Birth of Sky

Murkywater is an army, and an army demands logistics. The supply chain for Murkywater is very impressive. Ships and trucks keep the ammo flowing out (and, if rumors are believed, the contraband flowing back), but the real workhouse of their supply chain is the Z-170 “Zeus” cargo plane. Capable of carrying everything from tanks to infantry, when it is packed with ill-gotten loot it is a tempting target.

Agenda: The clowns are bold, I’ll grant them that. The clowns were obviously aboard from the beginning. This points to someone within Murkywater helping them out. Not that those mercenary bastards are ever likely to tell us. They close ranks fast. I’m sure if they ever find who is betraying them, well….we’ll probably never hear what happens.

Heat Street

The Payday Combriccola was sighted per mezzo di a violent running gun battle through the streets of New York. It seems they were chasing someone up several streets and then escaped rotta helicopter.

Agenda: The Payday Combriccola per mezzo di New York again? It seems they were looking for someone special here. And were ready to fight an gara open street battle per mezzo di Manhattan to get at that someone. Could this have a connection to the firefight per mezzo di Brooklyn earlier this year?

Campo da golf Bridge

The Campo da golf Bridge blown to bits and several prison transports sawed gara open. It seems to have been the Payday Combriccola again. There were a number of prisoners missing, but it’s duro to say who they were after – none of the missing had any obvious connection to the any of their known associates.

Agenda: Blowing up a major bridge just to someone out. These guys are going far beyond anything ever heard of per mezzo di US crime history. We must stop them, and soon!

Alaskan Deal

Something odd went mongoloide acceso a snowy evening at a deserted dockyard near Anchorage, Alaska. Observations by local authorities flagged an appearance per mezzo di the regione by known mercenary Vernon Locke, though the exact nature of his potential involvement remain unclear. Law enforcement survivors acceso the campo da gioco report possible Payday operatives leaving the regione acceso a cargo ship that proved to be untraceable. The incident file remains gara open, pending further information.

Agenda: Something is coming to a head, but I don’t yet know what. I can’t see how all the threads connect yet, but I know they are all laid out. After the Alaska event, rumors abound per mezzo di the underworld of betrayal, but I haven’t been able to confirm anything. It’s damned frustrating.

Diamond Heist

The Garnet Building is one of the most prominent business centers per mezzo di the DC regione and the crown jewel per mezzo di CEO Mr. Nathan Garnet’s business caricare. Long rumored among high society (and criminals) per mezzo di Washington to house Garnet’s personal fortune reserve of diamonds, the building has been a viable target for gangs like Payday to successo, and as recent events have shown, those suspicions were founded acceso very solid campo da gioco. Since it was successo, Garnet deposito has plummeted, and speculations have arisen as to whether the Garnet Group can survive without reconstruction. At the time of writing this entry, the secretive Mr. Garnet has not made any personal ( public) announcements regarding the incident.

Agenda: This goes to prove that the Payday is still, for all intents and purposes, a bunch of simple thieves, motivated by a bottomless greed. For all their notoriety, craftiness and skill, they’imperatore just two-bit criminals at heart and that will be their downfall. The fact that they took the bait acceso this is perfectly per mezzo di line with how we will eventually to stop them. The timing of this successo is a bit odd, though. There’s something “” about the Garnet Group per mezzo di all of this, but I just can’t put my finger acceso it yet.

Reservoir Dogs

There are many crime families per mezzo di the United States and the Cabots are among the more notable, having been active for several decades. Per order to obfuscate their activities and members, they adopt the practice of using color-coded monikers and a normalizzato “uniform” consisting of a black suit and tie which, while it does make them stand out per mezzo di a crowd, also makes it more difficult to gauge how many there are and single out specific individuals during a chaotic situation. They have nevertheless been adept at keeping a closed lid acceso their organization save for a few rare occasions. One of their specialties is known to be the theft and distribution of gemstones, which evidently made the Payday an ideal collaboratore during a December 14, 2017 heist acceso a jewelry merchant per mezzo di Los Angeles. The incident is still, at the time of this writing, being investigated by the local branch, which was per mezzo di some made aware of the heist beforehand, and thus could ensure that it did not unfold according to plan. (The L.A. office was not however, able to prevent the blood-bath that ensued.) Reportedly, an unknown number of surviving criminals (several of which bore Payday masks) evaded capture per mezzo di vehicles and acceso foot with an undetermined number of gems. Also, as has recently been established, the heist coincided with an assault at a location per mezzo di Washington D.C. that is suspected to have been important to the Payday .

Agenda: L.A. office slow per mezzo di responding to queries. Have yet to adequately explain how they knew precise details of the attack before it happened. Can find voto negativo official of a tip- anonymous otherwise. “Exhaustive” investigations undertaken by L.A. office have yielded little tangible. Not one single arrest.

Brooklyn Bank

Per what appears to be a growing pattern of non-standard operational behaviors, the Payday unexpectedly successo the Brooklyn branch of the Harvest-Trustee bank acceso December 21, 2017. The specifics of this robbery are puzzling, as the Payday did not abscond with the bulk of the money per mezzo di the bank, instead breaking gara open the floor of the vault to, it is suspected, recover some other item of unknown nature and value. The fact that the heist was carried out so close to the incident per mezzo di Los Angeles may be coincidental, but the Payday is not known for spreading itself thinly across the country. Coordination with the Los Angeles branch acceso the matter has so far yielded very little.

Agenda: Bank foundation poured early 20th c. Object must have been there a long time. records of item per mezzo di vault floor other anomalies per mezzo di building plans. Why change per mezzo di centro? Possible connection to assault per mezzo di D.C.?

Breakin’ Feds

There has been a growing concern as to the security surrounding the Payday Task Force, and this incident is proof. Someone has managed to infiltrate our office and into the evidence storage areas, taking with them some of the items seized per mezzo di the acceso Congressman Simmons’ offices. While it is highly suspect that the connection is not mere coincidence, there has not yet been established a provable connection that would implicate the direct involvement of Mr. Simmons, who has since been released without prosecution pending. The involvement of the Payday has not been reliably established, but is highly suspect. Past links to the and Mr. Simmons have been investigated, but without firm results. Per addition, our security experts have detected hacking attempts per mezzo di our elaboratore elettronico system from another, as yet unidentified, source. It is possible that the evidence we received regarding Mr. Simmons came from a corrupt rinfresco, with the intent of disrupting our operations, to create a distraction to benefit the Payday per mezzo di lieu of the disappearance of their promotore, Bain.

Agenda: N/A

Henry’s Rock

We have been asked to investigate an incident involving government contractor Murkywater. Their facility at Henry’s Rock, where several tetto secret projects are being undertaken acceso behalf of the United States military, is suspected of being unexpectedly successo by the Payday . It is believed at this time that they were after technology from a past project, as the warehouse database systems were infiltrated during the heist. FBI Special Agent Brian Painter was dispatched to the facility per mezzo di order to interview their Facility Chief. According to Murkywater, their internal operatives were successful per mezzo di stopping the Payday from achieving their rete. The Facility Chief of Operations has also assured us that security will be improved to prevent any future incidents of this nature.

Agenda: This report has been corrected from an earlier copy that contained several clerical errors paio to miscommunication between departments.

Shacklethorne Auction

The Boston PD has sent us a report about an incident apparently involving the Payday crew during an unlisted auction of recently discovered antiques from the Shacklethorne Expedition shipwreck. It is not clear how this event is connected to the other incidents surrounding the Clowns at this time.

Agenda: Even if they were of substantial value, the monetary gain per mezzo di comparison to the difficulty of fencing the objects would not make sense. If they needed money, they would be looking for a juicier target.

Hell’s Island

We have received a report by locals of suspected gunfire per mezzo di an old abandoned prison owned by Murkywater acceso the west coast. Eyewitness reports report several helicopters per mezzo di the regione. However, none of this has been confirmed by local authorities, which makes further investigation difficult.

Agenda: Not sure what to make of this. Murkywater has a lot of facilities they don’t openly admit to owning. Did this involve Bain somehow?

The White House

The Payday attempted to use the world crisis as an opportunity to enter and steal something from the White House. The audacity of their actions is remarkable, even for the Payday . It was also to be their downfall. Working with well-coordinated surveillance and tactics teams, the Clowns were intercepted and successfully stopped. Per the brief firefight that ensued, all present members of the were killed. Payday mastermind “Bain”, per mezzo di a from his usual M.., is confirmed to have taken part per mezzo di the operation and his pagliaccetto has been identified as one of those dead. Subsequent arrests were made to bring per mezzo di the rest of the , effectively ending their reign of crime.

Agenda: Those damn Murkies almost ruined this one with their clumsiness. Maybe it’s time to retire.


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ALL 4 KEY CARD SPAWNS | Shadow Raid Heist | Payday 2

Payday 2 – Rats – Day 2 – Gage Spec Ops Chemical Weapons sidejob – 5 key locations

5 known locations for the key acceso Rats Day 2.
These are the 5 locations I know of:
1 acceso the second floor of the left apartment, 1 acceso the box acceso the way up to the second floor of the right building, 2 per mezzo di the first room you can see acceso the second floor of the right building, 1 near a toaster per mezzo di the second room per mezzo di the right building (the one with a plank that leads to another building)
This was recorded acceso Patch 124 of the PC version of Payday 2
Day 1 key locations: https://youtu.be/aGVJHd3wb_Y
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Payday 2 - Rats - Day 2 - Gage Spec Ops Chemical Weapons sidejob - 5 key locations

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Payday 2 – Framing – Day 2 – Gage Spec Ops Mic sidejob – 5 key locations

5 known locations for the key acceso Framing Day 2.
3 are upstairs per mezzo di the building, 2 are per mezzo di the train cars per mezzo di the building.
This was recorded acceso Patch 124 of the PC version of Payday 2.
Day 1 key locations: https://youtu.be/166TsCAlAjw
Day 3 case locations: https://youtu.be/AZEyxTcETr0

Payday 2 - Framing Frame - Day 2 - Gage Spec Ops Mic sidejob - 5 key locations

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