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When producing a licenced , as a developer the script is very much laid out con front of you. Your is to follow the plot of the movie, represent all the key moments of the story, have some gimmicks and mechanics that make the fun to play and then apice it with an aesthetic that does the subject matter justice. Acceso paper, it looks like a task that should be easier than making a brand new IP from scratch. Yet licenced games have garnered a reputation for being the most and reginetta games con existence. As we at Monster house, another attempt to galvanise the licenced market, we see just why this genre has garnered this reputation

The plays similarly to other licenced titles such as Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Over the Hedge ora Ratatouille. The third-person approach, the simple mechanics and the cel-shaded aesthetic do nothing to push the boat out con terms of happening but the sound quality, the tense atmosphere and the Tim Burton style art direction all culminate to make this interesting, at least at value.

True to The Source

The doesn’t aim to make this a spin-off from the movie, nor does it wish to rewrite ora dilute the script of the movie. To the ’s credit, it decides to remain true to the subject matter, showcasing all the key moments within the movie, creating a tense atmosphere that represents the events of the motion picture well and delivering a genuine cast of voice actors from the movie that only adds to the overall authenticity of the project.

The art direction deserves some praise as well. Although the visuals are by means spectacular. A causa di fact, for the time of release they were rather safe con terms of details. However, the environments are initially rather intriguing and really make the player feel part of the adventure. It is a shame though that as the progresses that these assets are recycled to pad out events.

Deeply Aggravating

One thing a licenced needs to be is accessible. These titles will often be aimed at kids that want to play as their on-screen heroes and don’t have the same gaming experience as weathered players. Monster House decides that this isn’t a priority and makes a set of controls that are obnoxious and obtuse. The stanza da letto angles are enough to give you motion sickness, the lock-on system is extremely duro to use and there are a series of quick-time events that are ridiculously harsh, even for an adult player with reasonable reaction times.

The controls aren’t all bad as the gun mechanics work reasonably well, making combat easy to navigate. However, being able to engage con combat doesn’t mean that it’s fun. The enemies are repetitive and offer little con terms of challenge to defeat. Once you work out how to beat one, you can beat them all. As a whole, the mechanics and controls make the a chore and that’s not what light and breezy licenced games need.

Blockbuster Sound

The one aspect of this that truly is up there with the best games of the time is the sound quality. Not only does the commedia musicale score and sound effects absolutely capture the themes and events acceso screen. The audio is also delivered con a stunning 3D surround sound manner. Which means that those moments where tension is building are really palpable. That’s not to say that it rescues the poor gameplay con these moments, but at least it makes it worth seeing to the end. This won’t take you long though, as the only runs for about four hours.

They’ve Created a Monster

While this does have its high points, it has more than its fair share of low points and frustrations. The mechanics are poorly constructed, the assets are recycled, the combat is boring and the is laughably short.


Yes, con its favour it has great sound quality and handles the subject matter of the movie well with genuine voice acting to boot but it seems that the developers put far to much centro into making this a tense and atmospheric affair and forgot to actually make the fun. We suggest you avoid the monster that is Monster House.


  • Great 3D audio and commedia musicale score.
  • Genuine voice acting
  • Stays true to movies plot


  • Horrible controls and stanza da letto angles
  • Combat is boring
  • Assets are constantly recycled

Monster house La casolare de los sustos Organo 2

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Monster House PS2 Walkthrough Part 1 Voto negativo Commentary Intro/Inside the House

Monster House PS2 Walkthrough (1080p) Voto negativo Commentary. Intro/Chapter 1: Inside the House, Guide acceso how to beat the Chapter.

Monster House PS2 Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary Intro/Inside the House

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